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        "12th Five-renewable water resources - welcome by hundreds of billions of market size

        China Water Net Editor's note recently, some European experts say, to 2025, half of the people facing water shortage crisis, in this context, how to better promote the use of recycled water gradually being more and more attention. "Twelve Five" key water pollution control planning made it clear that the reclaimed water utilization and strive to increase to 15%. But corporate private mining water regulation in place, the water rights trading system needs to be improved and other factors, the road of industrialization of renewable water market in China is still riddled with obstacles.       

        Forum held in Ningbo Urban Development and use of reclaimed water on someone boldly predicted that the next five years, China's renewable water will become a sudden emergence of the field of environmental protection industry sector, the market size of up to 100 billion yuan.       

        Planning frequent, good prospects, but subject to local enterprises, private mining water regulators are not in place, water rights trading system has not yet been established and other factors, China's renewable water market from the planning to the industrialization of the road is still bumpy. The industry believes that the huge amount of water, along with strong economic strength, industrial enterprises, will become the "second five" recycled water market most "fly" quality customers.

        Very rugged road of industrialization       

        Although a variety of planning the prospects of renewable water depicted very broad, but the China Securities newspaper reporter in an interview that the recycled water market from the planning to the industrialization of the road is not flat, do not buy it in many places and businesses recycled water.       

        Ningbo drainage rock East Limited general manager Lu Jian Valley, said in an interview with the China Securities Journal reporter Ningbo tap water costs 5-7 yuan / ton, while the largest reuse wastewater desalination project - Rock East renewable water desalting only 1.2-1.4 yuan, an engineering technical innovation to produce one ton of recycled water from the surface, certainly more economical recycled water.       

        But water-rich region in the south, gaining access to river water, the lower cost of stealing groundwater, there appear when the situation is not in place due to the lower standard of water resources fee and regulatory, corporate to stealing new water cheaper, so that the recycled water market faced with embarrassment.       

        "A lot of companies to meet new industrial water by new mining groundwater or surface water to the decision Whether the amount of water resources fee, often and relevant departments of a meal out." Lu Jian Valley this case expressed frustration that he believes that only the government control, in order to promote the development of renewable aquaculture of fresh water.       

        Ningbo Beilun, Ningbo, the introduction of the "drainage and renewable water Management Ordinance" provisions of Beilun district of old enterprises use reclaimed water the ratio, and the requirements of new enterprises industrial cooling circulating water must use recycled water, this gave birth to a local renewable water market.       

        Central Document No. mentioned, permission management, strict water restrictions approval of new water intake of total water use has reached beyond the control targets in the region, to suspend the approval of construction projects; take total water area near the control indicators add water. Establish and improve the national system of water rights, full use of market mechanisms to optimize the allocation of water resources.       

        How to use market-based mechanisms to optimize the allocation of water resources? Ministry of Water Resources, Water Resources Division, Urban Water Director Shi Yubo explained earlier in an interview with the China Securities Journal reporter, regional or corporate indicators has been exhausted, the new water can only flow through the water rights or the use of non-traditional water sources to meet. The so-called non-traditional water sources, reclaimed water is an important one.       

        The industry believes that the transfer of water rights trading is a huge market, with the total amount of the "hat", like carbon trading "transactions", which will give rise to another based on the total water resources under the control of water trading market. But the current problem is related to the system is quite complex, a series of questions related to the institutional, policy, standards and methodology.       

        "The key is to further refine the most stringent water management system, so that the reclaimed water to become the real total of new indicators." In view of this, Ai Site Water Science and Technology Co., Ltd., general manager Xiao-comfort suggested, on this basis, should also be as soon as the water resources fee to the water tax.       

        Fu Tao, director of Tsinghua University Water Policy Research Center, believes that the the reclaimed water level of development of a country or region of the country or region the degree of water shortage and water prices. If the water is very expensive, reclaimed water reuse rate would have been higher, if the water is relatively cheap, and there will not be many people willing to use recycled water. Therefore, it is to gradually increase the cost of water use.

        Utilization raised to 15% in 2015       

        Reclaimed water (Sheung Shui), commonly known as the water main municipal sewage or sewage treated water quality standard, non-potable miscellaneous water can be reused within a certain range, and its water quality between tap water and sewage ( into the water).       

        Ministry of Environmental Protection last week released key river basin water pollution prevention plan (2011-2015) proposed recycled water utilization in China and strive to increase to 15% by 2015. Reclaimed water utilization in some developed countries, such as Israel reclaimed water reuse rate of up to 100%, almost the to do sewage zero level of emissions, Singapore reclaimed water reuse rate of up to 70% -80%.       

        China Environmental Protection Industry Association vice president Fan Yuansheng, told the China Securities Journal reporter, "Twelfth Five-Year" period, will be used to subsidize the use of reclaimed water by excess water levy water charges, and plans to reclaimed water are exempt from the water resource fee, VAT, renewable water enterprises are exempt from sales tax, income tax.       

        According to the Office of Water Project of the Ministry of Environmental Protection Technology Standards Department deputy director Li national water with the "Eleventh Five-Year" special investment at the end of the treatment, during the "12th Five-Year National Water special investment to the front-end development effort, investment in water recycling and clean production, over a period of five years the budget invested 13.347 billion yuan, 8.197 billion yuan of matching funds. Which investment in one of the priorities is the establishment of advanced wastewater purification and waste water recycling projects around the Songhua River, Liaohe River, Huaihe River.

        Industrial water will become the preferred target       

        Civil renewable water supply network construction is lagging behind and the concept of residential water is still hard to change, is a major obstacle to hinder the development of civilian regeneration aquaculture. Industrial enterprises, large quantities of water, the cost of emissions increasing, along with strong economic strength, currently seems to be the most realistic renewable water market customers.       

        Reclaimed water to make value, not just clean the roads or greening how to realize the value? Way out is to sell to industrial enterprises. "Lu Jian Valley.       

        According to data released by the China Water Net, the average price of industrial water for most of the major cities in northern China and southern cities in 2011 is about 4.31 yuan / ton, the recycled water price is about 1.37 yuan / ton, which means that for industrial enterprises, the use of recycled water per ton of water cost 3 yuan.       

        Industrial recycled water back to the main two technologies, a membrane, its main feature is the processing of high purity, high processing costs; another electric adsorption desalination, the basic idea is formed through the voltage electrostatic field, remove the salt in the water quality. It is understood that the cost of the integrated treatment of the membrane 4-6 yuan / ton, while the cost of electricity adsorption between 0.5-2 yuan / ton.       

        Lu Jian Valley that the most severe shortage of large industrial enterprises is in line with the replenishment of the circulating cooling water quality, recycled water through the membrane treatment is a "luxury" water quality, so take a cheaper and more stable electricity produced water adsorption method, A more economical and suitable choice.

        Tel: +86-632-3536598 3536777 3537779
        Fax: +86-632-3536766
        Contact: Kan Xiaodong 13806371780
        Wei Yongtao 13863201612
        Yu Dayang 15063257666
        E-mail: info@dongtaochem.com dayang@dongtaochem.com


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